Refund Policy

Updated on : 10 April 2024
Thank you for purchasing our course, enrolling for our workshop (offline or online) and/or subscribing to our services operated by Skill Nation (Registered entity: Skill Land LLP, thereafter referred as Skill Nation).

Once purchased, our courses, workshops and/or services cannot be cancelled and are non-refundable.

You may however choose to join a different batch (in case of online and offline courses or workshops) or let another candidate attend the course or workshop instead of you (for both online and offline courses or workshops).

The completion certificate will only be issued once and in the name of the candidate attending the complete course or workshop after passing the required examination or completing the given assignment (whichever is applicable).

If you have any additional questions or would like to request a batch change or candidate name transfer, feel free to contact us on the respective support mails mentioned in the FAQ section of the course or workshop.

The request for batch change or candidate name transfer should be made at least 48 hours prior to the start of the course or workshop, post which you will not be eligible for any changes in batch or candidate name.

If a candidate fails to attend the course or workshop, he/she will be marked absent and no extended access will be provided over above the mentioned validity of modules/lessons. The candidate is also not eligible for a refund.

Any batch transfers, refunds or cancellations are at the discretion of Skill Nation.

Subscription Payment Refund Policy

Please be aware that once a payment for a subscription has been processed and debited from the customer’s account, it is non-refundable. This policy applies to all subscription-based payments made for the use of our tools or services. However, customers retain the right to cancel any forthcoming subscriptions to avoid future charges.

To cancel a subscription through your banking service or payment platform, such as Google Pay, customers should adhere to the specific cancellation guidelines provided by the respective service.

Alternatively, customers seeking to cancel their subscription may reach out directly to us by sending an email to Upon receiving your request, we will take the necessary steps to cancel your subscription from our end.

We encourage our customers to review their subscription statuses and make any desired cancellations well in advance of the next billing cycle to ensure a smooth and hassle-free process.

Refund Policy

 For any technical issues that you face, the first step of action would be to contact the respective support mails mentioned in the FAQ section of the course or workshop. Our support team will help you with the technical issue. The time of response shall be a minimum of 14 working days. In case we are unable to help with your technical issue related to the course, a FULL refund will be initiated. This is applicable only to technical issues. If the issue resides with customer hardware or software the refund won’t be initiated.